::Alex and Alicia look over the list of nominees for the next award::


Alex: Hey, I read that story. It was a good one.


Alicia: Really? I’m surprised.


Alex: What? That I’d read a fanfic?


Alicia: No. I’m surprised that you can read.


Neobat: Okay you two, knock it off! Ladies and gentlemen, I apologize for my friends here. They can be unruly at times. Now can we please get on with this?


Alex: All right, big guy. Don’t get your shorts in a bunch.


Alicia: In the category of Best Prose, the nominees are…


Alex: “Claw & Antler: Small Animals Unit – Small Town Heroes”, by Rennod.


Alicia: “Gadget In Chains”, by Loneheart.


Alex: “The Untold Ranger Tales” (All Parts), by Indy & Chris Silva.


Neobat: And the winner is “The Untold Ranger Tales”!


::Indy and Chris walk on stage, this time to the “Odd Couple” theme song::


Indy: Okay boys, take five.


::The boys in the orchestra laugh and settle down. Indy starts things off::


Indy: We appreciate this award...


::Chris interrupts, his smile full of mischief::


Chris: We're not sure what the award is for, but we're still thankful for winning the category!


Indy: Chris, we weren't going to tell them that!


::The audience laughs while Indy blushes in the spotlight::


Indy: Um, anyway I think it refers to our use of verse in the Untold Ranger Tales, something I decided to add as a way of getting into the inner thoughts of the characters. It was also a way of expressing emotions that they couldn't have openly shown otherwise. I think it is through verse that a person can reveal what their innermost heart is, and I tried to give that quality to the Rangers in the story. Thank you very much.


::The audience applauds kindly::


Neobat: On behalf of my friends and myself, I’d like to thank you for letting us be part of this special occasion. C’mon you night flyers, let’s go.


::With Alicia perched on his shoulder and Alex fluttering nearby, Neobat starts to exit the stage along with Chris and Indy::


Neobat: I can’t take you two anywhere! Especially you, Alex! For cryin’ out loud, BODY ARMOR?! Why didn’t you just show up armed to the teeth? I wonder if other authors have this much trouble with their characters?