::A man in a fedora and a man in dark shades confront each other on the sidelines of the stage, behind the curtain and out of sight of the audience::


Indy (worried): Rennod, we have a problem.


Rennod (politely defiant): Iím still not wearing that tux.


::Indy shakes his head and waves his hands in dismissal::


Indy: No, this is different! The audio just cut out and Katie Courier says weíve lost the feed to camera three.


::Rennod raises an eyebrow and tilts his head in confusion::


Rennod: Eh?


Indy: I donít think itís the equipment. Youíre an electrician, can you find the problem?


Rennod: Well, letís check it outÖ


::They both walk to the back of the backstage area. Rennod opens a cabinet, revealing a guinea pig furiously running in an exercise wheel to the tune of a ringing bell, turning a generator which ran to one arm of an electrified mouse, whose other arm was touching electrical feeds to the theatre lights and rigging::


Rennod: Well, this part of the system seems to be running okay...


::Indy glares at his co-host::


Indy: I thought I told you not to do that...


Rennod (shrugging): They volunteered, actually.


Buzz (motivated): Running....running...running...running...running...running...


Sparky: H-h-hap-p-p-py...t-t-t-to-o-oo...h-h-hel-ll-lll-lpp...


Indy (annoyed): Get them out of there!


Rennod: Sure thing.


::Rennod disconnects the bell. Buzz plops in a heap, exhausted, and the generator dies down. The eerie blue-white glow around Sparky fades slowly::


Buzz: Ahhhh....


::The guinea pig is snoring within seconds::


Sparky: Wow! I havenít had a charge like that in....well, I donít know, really. Where are we, anyway?


Indy: At the Golden Acorn Awards.


Sparky: Oh, silly me! I thought we were at the New York Metropolitan Opera House!


Rennod: You are.


Sparky: Oh, well at least Iím not at those silly Golden Acorn Awards. Whew, talk about a waste of money...


Indy (stammering): Wha--??


Rennod: Take it easy, there, Indy...


Sparky: Who thought those up, anyway?


Indy (spluttering): Butó


Rennod: Itís okay. Letís just go this way...


Sparky: I wouldnít be caught there even if I were a presenter!


::Rennod leads Indy away before the latter blows a brain circuit. They had only gone a short distance when Indy regains control of himself and they come upon something strange::


Rennod: Hey, look! This is where the equalizer and amplifiers used to be that drove the left channel speakers. Itís been ripped out. Which camera did you say they lost?


Indy: Three. Thatís on the left side, too, kinda up there...


::As they look upwards, they see the cameraís gimbal-mount protruding empty from the wall. The camera, too, has gone. Suddenly, the lights around and above them flicker out::


Indy: What? Hey! Yaargh!


Rennod: Hey! Ah! Ack! What? Ooof!


::Scuffling sounds ensue, followed by a crash::


Voice From Above: Oh, drat! Well, I can make do with just one...


::The lights come back on. Rennod finds himself sitting down on a stool, a pair of black dress pants halfway pulled on over his jeans. Indy had tried to take advantage of the confusion by upgrading his co-hostís wardrobe. The adventurerís fedora has a big dent in it, and a smashed small stage light lies near him. Obviously, it has fallen from above and knocked him out. Then Rennod notices what is encasing most of his legs::


Rennod: AAAAAAAAAAAAAGGHH!! Dress pants! Gaaaack! Poison! Filth! False formality! Arrgh!


::Rennod flails, frantically trying to tear the black dress pants off of him. Once he has pulled the dress pants off of his jeans, Rennod kneels beside Indy and makes sure he is all right. He bends down by his ear::


Rennod: Iíve told you before, I donít wear fancy clothes. Come on, wake up, pally...


::As he shakes his head slowly and tries to revive Indy, far above a short hooded figure swiftly makes off with several small stage lights, carrying them back to the rest of the stolen pieces and parts being collected for some sinister purpose::