Dr. Batorious (announcing): He plays a toy piano, she plays with transistors. Presenting the awards for “Best Plot Twist” are Schroeder and Gadget Hackwrench.

::The audience applauds::

Schroeder: This award goes to the ‘Best Plot Twist’. You know about ‘plot twists’, don’t ya?!

Gadget: Yeah, like when you read something, and you expect it to go a certain way, but then it heads in an entirely different direction than you planned. Sometimes that can bring a new level of suspense to the plot.

Schroeder: You sure that has nothing to do with the famous 1960’s dance?!

Gadget (puzzled): Nah, but, weeeeell, I guess it can if the story needs it...though it would be quite an interesting story...I dunno, are you sure about this? I mean, is Fat Cat *that good* a dancer?

Schroeder (flustered): Uh, it’s a joke, Gadget, really...

Gadget: But I thought this was the ‘Plot Twist’ category! (angrily, to Schroeder) Boy, do *you* need to rehearse more, Mister Professional!!!”

Schroeder (obliviously): Here are the nominees...

Announcer: For the ‘Best Plot Twist’ award, the nominees are...


Chip splits in two, by Indy and Chris Silva, from “Dreams Divided”

Chip/Foxglove, by Indy and Chris Silva, from “Living the Dream”

Dale/Gadget, by Indy and Chris Silva, from “Daring to Dream”

Gadget’s true parentage, by Indy & Chris Silva, from “The Untold Ranger Tales”

::Gadget opens the envelope::


Gadget: And the winner is, Gadget’s true parentage! Golly, is my ancestry such a surprising thing?

::Chris and Indy take the stage and are welcomed by Gadget and Schroeder, who hand them the award::


Indy: This particular plot twist that you found so popular had its origins quite a while back. I’ll let Chris explain that one.


Chris: It all started with a Monty quote I did for one of the “Things the Rangers Would Never Say” threads at the Café. To wit—


<I>Monty: Truth is, I’m yer dad, Gadget luv, not Geegaw. I just spent so much time away

adventurin’ that ye grew up thinkin’ he’s yer dad. I wanted to tell you this before, but how

do ye bring somethin’ like this up?</I>

 Indy: And of such things great plot twists are born. Thanks everyone, and remember—just because it looks obvious doesn’t mean anything!


::The audience applauds, along with Schroeder and Gadget, as Indy and Chris wave and walk off stage::