::Winston is relived that he wasnít removed from the stage for the length of that first one. As the camera returns to focus on him, he starts anew::


Winston: Next, in the category of Best Poet, the nominees are:


8-Bit Star

Candy Courtnier




::Winston pulls out another envelope, methodically snapping the seal::


Winston: Hey, we have a tie between Rennod and Indy!


::The two hosts come up to the applause of the crowd. Each one is given an award, and then they signal for silence::


Rennod: Shall I go first or you?


Indy: Letís go together. You lead off.


::Rennod nods and begins the speech::




A calling unlikely,

the crafter of verse.

the ledger of lyrics

can be bane and curse.

Should we go for a rhyme?

Should we follow the meter?

For this award, sir,

Whose lyrics prove neater?"


::Indy grins and continues::




T'would be sheer hubris

To call one verser best

In this case, two is

The number, and lest

We forget, two heads

A common theme led



Two heads are better

Than one, it's so said,

But more chiefs than injuns

Can bring on sheer dread.

What more can we ask for?

This cannot be right,

For while we stand versing,

They've called it a night!


::Indy is about to take over, when Rennod taps him and points to the audience::




Our wonderful viewers,

And paid audience,

They want to see action,

Now boredom they sense!

So which shall it be?

The fedora or shades?

One of us accept the award

Or they'll send us to Hades!


::The audience prepares to throw tomatoes, which gives Indy his impetus::




For this fine award

We thank thee all

Now let us go forward

Before they run us through the wall!


::The crowd applauds, more out of relief than anything, and the two poets bow and make a rather hasty retreat::