::Warden Renson, from CD’s “Unlikely Enemy”, enters the stage as the band plays the “Guile's Stage” theme from Street Fighter II. The crowd applauds, but whether it's due to the musical orchestra or because of the appearance of an AP officer remains shrouded in mystery::


Rensen: Thank you, you can stop clapping now. I will be presenting the Best Satire award for this ceremony. To let you all know, satires are what makes the fanfiction world go 'round, at least to those who like crossovers and trans-dimensional adventures. For those people we have selected the following nominees:


“Crossroads of Time” by John Davidson

“Mind Media” by 8-bit Star

“Rangers/Animaniacs” by Indy and Chris Silva


::Rensen takes a document file, pulls out an envelope, and opens it.::


Rensen: And our bestest satirer is...John Davidson, for “Crossroads of Time”!


::The crowd applauds, then grows silent in shock as five Borg transport in front of the podium::


Borg: We are accepting this award on behalf of the person you know as John Davidson, whose new designation is 2 of 17. We wish to thank you all for giving us this award. Now down to business. You will be assim


::Another transporter beam appears and John appears on stage, the word “REJECT” stamped all over his clothing::


John: Hey, give me that!


::John grabs his award from the Borg. The Borg vanish in a transporter beam, and the audience laughs accordingly::


John: Sorry about that. I had a little run-in with the Borg. It seems that my mind being assimilated would have caused major havoc among the collective, so they let me go. I also convinced them that assimilating any of you would cause the same problem. Well, thank you for this award. Funny thing is, I actually wrote this story when I was working on “Revenge Squad”. I had a nasty bout of writer’s block so I decided to do a little humor. I got the idea for this story after reading some similar stories involving crossovers between many TV series and decided to do the same with the Rangers. Once again, thank you all!


::The crowd applauds, and once Warden Rensen checks to make sure there are no more Borg waiting off-stage, he escorts John to the curtain::