::Rob, the New York hot dog selling mouse from CD’s “Family Business”, gets on stage. While the room applauds, the orchestra plays "Ride of the Valkyries". Rob assumes the podium and begins his presentation in his own brand of broken, Slavic, yet distinct English::


Rob: Thank you all people for applauding. It makes Rob feel like special award winner. Rob will present a 'Best Song Parody" award. Wow, Rob loves a good musical performance! Makes Rob think about good home country where trees are large, and mountains fertile. Land of miracles where crippled see, and blind walk. The nominations of 'Best Song Parody' award are:


Margrave Schroeder, "Hotel Rangerphilia"

Duke Rennod, with both "Romeos & Gadget" and "Ms. Hackwrench"

"A Whole New Thing" by Regent Indy and Viscount Dyglo

Greve Johan Rhen , "Sweet Gadget"


::Rob looks at the audience and smiles::


Rob: You people never thought Rob know so much noble titles, don't you? Just that you guys and girls know, a "Greve" is a Swedish Count. And "Margrave" is a translation for German Markgraf or Marquess.


::Rob takes the envelope and read the card, then smiles::


ROB: Our musical Emperor is…Rennod!


::A short burst of the melody from “Centerfold” by the J. Geils Band plays as Rennod walks onto the stage and accepts the trophy from the presenter::


Rennod: Wow, this is great. I’m very pleased and happy to accept this award. ‘Ms. Hackwrench is the Centerfold’, along with ‘That Hackwrench Girl’, were my first two Rescue Ranger song parodies to hit the net, and were my first real contribution to the fandom. Somehow this one’s been getting all the attention, though. I wonder why?


::Mild chuckles flow throughout the audience::


Dale: Look! Gadget’s blushing!


::A few more chuckles, and Rennod takes over the audience’s attention again::


Rennod: I still think ‘Romeos and Gadget’ is my best so far, but that one didn’t make it. Still, I’m pleased with the award, and the work that merited it. Thank you all, I appreciate the recognition.


::Rennod bows and nods slightly to the audience and exits the stage to the back. Rob heads off to work at the lobby’s concession stands::