::A human and his dog—is there ever a more worthy pair? (don’t answer that, pros! ;-))—come walking out on stage together. It’s Roger Baskerville and his faithful dog McDuff, from the episode “Pound of the Baskervilles”::


Roger: Good everything, everyone. Ever since the time the Rangers dropped in on us, we’ve wanted a chance to get together with them again, and now seemed a great time.


McDuff: We know how Chip loves the works of Howard Bask, and so we’ve got a little something for him. Roger found another unpublished manuscript in the attic…


::Chip comes up, humbled and accepts the manuscript::


Chip: ‘The Case of Dyed Detective’. Sounds like a colorful one!


Roger: As you know, Mr. Bask’s titles are for the most part parodies of the famous Sherlock Holmes stories. So it seemed appropriate to give this to Chip as we introduce the nominees for the Best Prose Parody category.


A Fly From Heaven, by Matt Plotecher

C-N-D-R-R, by Matt Plotecher

Crash Into Trees, by Matt Plotecher

Interview With The Mouse, by Candy Courtnier

The Day Smart Became Dale, by Indy and Rennod

The Munks of Hazzard, by Nelson


McDuff: Wow, lots of parodies around here!


::Roger opens the envelope::


Roger: Yep, but only one won this time. It’s “Interview with the Mouse”!


McDuff: We’re informed that Candy couldn’t be contacted, but we know she’ll appreciate this fine award. After all, it was a long time in coming!


Roger: Too long, if you ask me. Come on, boy, let’s go home.


::Roger and McDuff walk off the stage, the crowd applauding them::