::Stephen, now recovered from Danny’s performance, is now on a cell phone at the podium::


Stephen: ...the Academy can’t deny me once I become Overlord of Earth. What do you mean, you have to actually do something in Hollywood to be eligible? Well, that’s stupid! How did “Titanic” manage to win anything? Look, I’ll deal with them myself. Oh, and call the finance office and tell them to unlock the “Special Projects” fund. Okay...okay, I really have to go. I’m on stage. Okay...OKAY. Bye. Bye. BYE!


::He hangs up.::


Stephen: Heh heh. Sorry about that. Anyway, in the Best Flat Colored Image category, the nominees are:


Gadget, arms crossed, by Ruslan Matvienko

Gadgetara, by Claire Hunter

RR Girls, by Chip ‘n Death


Stephen: And the winner is—ooh, la la! RR Girls, by Chip ‘n Death! Well, you guys know he isn’t here, so let me read what he has to say…he says he’s very pleased to have won this award and glad he could contribute something to the community that’s brought out so many creative things. Well, that does it…


::The unknown person comes out again, whispering in Stephen’s ear::


Stephen: Yes, bring the car around! Do you think I’m going to WALK to the U.N.! Good night, folks!


::The crowd applauds as Stephen C. heads out, and he hands off the trophy to be sent to Chip ‘n Death::