Best Black and White, or Line Art.


::Dale walks out onto the stage, waving at his adoring fans::::


Dale: Thank you, a-thank you! Youíre beautiful!


::As the audience settles down, Dale begins his presentation::


Dale: The Ranger community has many talented people in its ranks, and their contributions are one of the greatest aspects of our fan group. Some of the most important types of fan creations are the art pieces that have been done over the years. As someone who appreciates interesting sights, I am especially glad that we have so many talented artists here tonight, and I am happy to be presenting the award for Best Line Art.


::He hits a button on the lectern, and behind him on the big screen appear images off all the nominated pieces, with the artistís name below them::


Dale: Black and White art is one of my favorite kinds, because it leaves no distractions to hide or disguise the truth of the artistís vision. We have four excellent examples of this difficult, but rewarding art form that were nominated. Foxy the Succubus, by Fubar Fox. Send in the Clones, by Robert Knaus. Service With A Smile, by Matt Plotecher, and Zanzibar, also by the esteemed Mr. Plotecher.


::The audience applauds, and Dale waits until the clapping dies down::


Dale: All of these works are great examples of Line Art, but personally, I have to say that any picture with Foxy in it gets extra points with meÖ


:: He winks at the aforementioned bat, who blushes and smiles cutely. The flirtatious moment over, Dale reaches into the pocket of his tux, and withdraws the winnerís envelope::


Dale: Now, letís see who won this puppy!


::He tears the envelope open, and reads the result::


Dale: And the winner isÖwowie-zowie! Matt Plotecher, for Zanzibar!


::Mrs. Kan Sun strides out on stage, dressed in a bright red dress covered withintricate patterns woven in (apparently) golden threads that glimmer and sheen under the stage lights. Her eyes are bright, and her smile shines brighter as she reaches the podium to accept the award::


Kan: On behalf of Matt, I'd like to thank you all for this award. The "Covers That Never Were" series remain close to Matt's heart, and "Zanzibar" is one of his favorites from that series. To everyone who has ever thought about what tale lurked behind the "Zanzibar" drawingóthis is your award, too.


::She bows respectfully and then leaves. The audience claps, then, mission completed, Dale begins to walk offstage when he notices the audience staring at him, waiting for a joke or mishap. He puts his hands on his hips indignantly::


Dale: What! Canít a guy have a serious moment every now and again?


::With that, he begins to walk off stage in a dignified manner, failing to notice the extension cord on the floor. Dale trips and begins windmilling, trying to keep his feet. This continues offstage left, and a crash can be heard in the dining hall across the way, along with Chipís exasperated cry::


Chip: Dale! Get off me, and take that bucket off your head! Why donít you watch where youíre falling!