::Boris "BOWLER", CDís Russian creation, walks over to the stage while the band plays Zangief's Stage theme (Street Fighter II). Being the only Russian character to make the ceremony and represent his native country, he walks out proudly. He takes the podium, speaking in a heavy and deep Russian accent::


Boris: I am honored being in your capitalist country. Russia's finest will be presenting you the...


::He responds to a call from off-stage from Indy. Boris salutes::


Boris: Boris reporting, what's up comrade? What Iím doing? Well I'll be doing the German scale award! Oh, you mean to say it's GRAYSCALE? Well, don't talk with that stupid American accent then!


::Boris fumes as he turns back to the audience, noting their disapproving looks::


Boris: It seems they agree with me. Swearing is, after all, a sign of a good friendship in America. I'll be presenting tonightís Grayscale Image award. Ah, the memories that brings up of old country in past. Grey coats on men, gray dresses on woman, gray skies giving blessed snow. Ah, was paradiseÖ


::Boris loses himself in his revelings for a moment, then comes out of it::


Boris: Anyway, the nominated persons for this year will be...


Claire Hunter, with the pic of "Chip as Indy"

Nathan "Teargas", the brain behind "gadfavabimeB.jpg"

Artist, who produced "Gadget at a Train Station"

Konstantin "Loki" Gloohov, who drew "Gadget Leaning On Top of a Wall and Looking Straight Ahead"


::Boris takes the envelope and opens it, reads the card and throws it over to the cleanup crew::


Boris: I knew it. The winner is tie. Oh wait, that means tie for the winner? But everyone here has tie already!


::Indy shouts something from offstage::


Boris: Oh, is tie like in two people win! Ah, now I see. So, we have winning Claire Hunter and Artist. England and Russia, together again like in James Bond movie!


::Boris takes out an additional piece of paper::


Boris: Neither could be being here tonight, so I accept for both. Claire is excellent drawer, and I am much liking her picture of Indy, even if he is bourgeois American hero. Artist is honored brother Russian who paints beautiful traditional picture, so to him I say Превосходная работа, товарищ! (excellent job, comrade!)