Best Portrait


::Tammy walks out onto the stage, dressed in a blue sequin dress. and flashes a smile at

the audience::


Tammy: Hi again! I’ll be presenting the award for Best Portrait tonight. The nominees are:


Gadget Sitting, Mopey, by Claire Hunter.

Gadget Working on the Computer, by Shelley Pleger.

Oily Gadget


::She looks at the back of the auditorium as a fan boy pants uncontrollably at this, before being whacked by Chip and dragged away::


Tammy: Uh, as I said, Oily Gadget, by Polo Jasso

Pretty Bat Girl, by Chip’n Death

Tammy Reclining, by Konstanin “Loki” Gloohov.


::Tammy giggles::

Tammy: I know which one I voted for…


::She regains her professional lien and continues::


Tammy: A portrait is very difficult, because not only must the artist be able to draw, or paint the subject as they appear in life, but he must also able to capture the essence of what makes that person unique and special.


::The teenaged squirrel pushes the display button on the lectern, making the big screen show the works and artists names::


Tammy: All of these artworks are of superb quality, and each of their creators deserves a round of applause.


::The audience gives a hearty applause, before Tammy again speaks::


Tammy: I’d like to talk to all you people some more, but Chip’s back there signaling that my time’s up. Don’t worry Chipper! I’ll be right with you!


::She waves at the object of her crush, who promptly smacks his face with the palm of his hand.  Everyone laughs as Tammy opens her envelope, and reads the results::


Tammy: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the award for Best Portrait is Shelley Pleger, for Gadget Working on the Computer! Shelley couldn’t be here tonight, but she’s sent along someone special to accept for her….::gasp:: DANNY!


::Danny, the song-and-dance cat from “Cats Don’t Dance” takes the stage, doing a little improvisational bit as he comes to the podium. Tammy hugs him tightly, cutting off his oxygen supply momentarily::


Danny: Uh, gee thanks! Hey out there in Rangerland, and around the world! It’s really great to be here and accept this award on behalf of Shelley. She’s done so much to advance my career on the Internet that I thought I’d volunteer and return the favor. It just goes to show that you really can do anything if you try!


::Danny accepts the award and manages to dodge Tammy’s repeated attempts to hug him again, to her frustration, as he leaves the stage singing and dancing::