::Hawnurra settles himself behind the podium once again::


Hawnurra: Greetings, my friends. Tonight I have been given the honor of presenting the awards for Best Solo Illustration and Best Fanfic-inspired Illustration. The nominees for Best Fanfic
inspired Illustration <I>arrrrrre</I>:


::Another “growl”, this one inspired by his accidentally catching a claw-tip of his on the podium while reaching for the envelope. That HURT. The audience is impressed. He displays the envelope, continuing::


The cover illustration for ‘Times of Their Lives’, by Charles Williams

‘Betrayed’, by Kristopher Smith

The explosion illustration from ‘The Day Dale Became Smart’, by Kristopher Smith

The ‘Interrogation of Foxy’ illustration for ‘Home is Where You Hang Upside Down’, by Ilya Pestov

The RAFcv.jpg illustration by Morgan Kohl

And last but not least the cover illustration for ‘The Gift of Thundera’, by Charles Williams.

::He pauses a moment, for dramatic effect. He plucks the sheet of paper from the envelope with his undamaged hand, and announces::


Hawnurra: And the winner is Charles Williams, for the cover to ‘Times of Their Lives’! I see here though that we couldn’t get in touch with Charles, so Indy has asked to say a few words on his behalf.


::Indy comes out, standing next to the cougar::


Indy: I remember when I saw Charles’ first drawing, and thinking, “that’s the most impressive thing I’ve seen”. And then he was gracious enough to do a cover illustration for my first story, “The Gift of Thundera”. I was so thrilled! It was like someone thought enough of what I did to put <B>that</B> kind of effort into giving the story artistic form. And then he followed up with “The Times of Their Lives” and it was ten times beyond that. I’m not an emotional man, but I nearly cried when I saw how wonderfully he’d brought my ideas out like that. Such a talent is rare, but so, so appreciated. Thank you, Charles, wherever you are!


::The crowd stands, applauding. Indy and the cougar wave and take the trophy with them. During the break, Hawnurra has one of the on-site nurses take a look at his claw. She finds the damage is minimal and a heavy-duty nail file does the trick. The cougar even gets a date to the fanfic characters’ New Year’s Eve ball, which is quite a feat for a feared predator::