::Hawnurra, the mountain lion creation of Karl, tugs at his tuxedo collar offstage left::


Hawnurra: How on Earth did Gertie look so comfortable out there when she did
this at the last Platos? Oops! Thereís my cue!


::Strolling to the podium, the North American cougar looks suave, confident, perhaps a tiny bit dangerous. The audience couldnít know his disdainful expression was the result of a near panic-attack. He starts to speak, but all that comes out is a slight choking sound.::

Hawnurra: Grrk.


::The audience takes it as a growl, for he was known to be a villain::


Hawnurra: And now for the nominees for Best Solo Illustration.


::He waves that envelope::


Hawnurra: Wouldn't YOU like to know? I'm not going to tell you, though!


::He smiles, a human trait that large carnivores should never perform before crowds, and continues. He had carefully sharpened his claws to allow a clean and elegant opening of the envelope. Unfortunately, his podium faux pas had altered things and his raggedly broken claw eviscerated the envelope in a most brutal manner. He just wanted to go home. But - the show must go on.::


Hawnurra: I will tell you this, however - The WINNER is Claire Hunter, for ďChip as IndyĒ! Claire Hunter, come on doooooown!


::Silence reigns supreme once again, then Hawnurra thinks to look in the envelope::


Hawnurra: Oh, I see. She canít be with us tonight, but she sent a nice thank-you note. ďIím really glad to get this award. This is the first one Iíve ever gotten and itís neat to be thanked by a whole community, even if I was the only nomination. Glad I could add something!Ē Well, isnít that nice?


::The audience applauds politely, and Hawnurra passes the award along to be sent to Claire::