::As Silverbolt is about to return and present again, a masked canine gets in front of him::


Flash: Excuse me, but would it trouble you if did this one in your place?


Silverbolt: Well…okay…


::Silverbolt watches from offstage as the caped canine runs on stage::


Flash: RUFFruffruffRUFFruuuuff!


Flash (the Rangerphile): YEAH! Get ‘em, Flash!


Flash (the Wonder Dog): Thank you, thank you. I’m here to present the next award, for FLASH animation. Truly, I must admit I had no idea you people thought so much of me! I mean, animations of moi? I am truly, truly humbled.


::Indy comes out on stage, whispering something in the canine’s ear::


Flash: WHAT!? But I thought…oh, pooh!


::Flash walks off, leaving Indy standing there at the podium::


Indy: Uh, heh heh. Case of mistaken award identity.


::Silverbolt walks on stage, saving Indy the trouble of looking embarrassed, and steps behind the podium, dwarfing it::


Silverbolt: The other award that I am pleased to present is Best Animation. 'Best Animation'?  What in the...


::He taps out a few more keys::


Silverbolt: Oh! Best Animation (Flash)! That makes more sense. I didn't think anyone here could have been in on the Disney animation team.


::He chuckles gamely, but receives only a few short laughs from the audience::


Silverbolt (mumbling to himself): I told Indy I don't do public speaking very well…(to the audience) Anyway, the nominees for Best Animation (Flash) are:

<b>Chip 'n Dale</b>  by Mercury Storm,
<b>Payback Trailer</b>  by Matt Plotecher, and
<b>The Foxglove Feature Intro</b>  by Jaleel.

Silverbolt: I rather liked the Payback Trailer myself. Had that movie-preview kind of feel. Well, I suppose that was the point...

::Silverbolt breaks off as he notices Indy making the universal "Get it moving buddy!" sign::


Silverbolt: Ahem, yes. And the winner of Best Animation (Flash) is Jaleel for the Foxglove Feature Intro!


::Silverbolt steps back as Jaleel stands up to acknowledge the award to thunderous applause. Jaleel comes up, and he and Silverbolt shake hands—or rather he shakes Silverbolt’s index finger. Then Jaleel takes hold of his award::


Jaleel: Wow!  Honestly, I didn't think that little ditty would garner an award, but it's very flattering. This was actually a shortened version of an earlier piece done with more scenes from the cartoon. I'm still learning Flash, but getting an award for it is certainly encouraging to keep it up. Thank you!


::The crowd applauds again and as the noise finally quiets, Silverbolt steps back up to the microphone::


Silverbolt: Thank you all for allowing me to be a part of this prestigious ceremony. You may be pleased to know that Disney DOES eventually make the Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers movie, in the year 2112. That's only... uhh, hmm. Sorry.  I suppose that's not going to be much consolation to anyone here.


::Silverbolt clears his throat in embarrassment::


Silverbolt: Well, in any case, the movement never dies. Not before we end up getting kicked backwards in time a few million years, anyway. So keep the faith!


::Silverbolt then steps off the podium to polite applause, transforms to Beast Mode, and flies off towards the buffet tables::