Dr. Batorious (announcing): Here to present the award for Best Online Comic is—


Dale (busting into the announcer’s booth): Wait! I wanna do it! Comics are my life! PLEASE! Pleasepleasepleaseplease!


Dr. Batorious: Oh, all right…here to present the award is Dale Oakmont!


Dale: YEAH!


::Dale runs out on stage, and gets to the podium::


Dale: Sponge Boy, Kablammo Man, Captain Cosmic! What do all of these names have in common?


Chip (from the audience): They’re all annoying!


Dale: They are not!


Chip: Are too!

Dale: Are not! Besides, you can learn a lot from reading comic books.


Chip: Yeah, like how to turn your brainpan to mush…


Dale: Hey, that’s an insult! Now you—


::Dale is about to continue with his ranting on the value of comic books when suddenly someone shouts from far above <b>"MAXIMIZE!!"</b>. Everyone immediately looks up to see a rapidly descending winged form, which promptly smashes into the podium with an ear-splitting smash.  "Golly", Gadget mutters to herself, "I'm glad Indy asked me to make sure that the stage was spec'ed to withstand a 2-ton object moving at 9 meters/s<sup>2</sup>!"::

::The form, which has just compacted itself into a large ball, stands up to reveal itself as the Transformer turned Rangerphile, Silverbolt::


Silverboolt: I'm sorry I took so long, I, uh, ran into a rather large Predacon patrol.


::He looks around, as if seeing if anyone was buying his story, then continues::


Silverbolt: It's an honor to be here, really. Although maybe Cheetor should be here—he was the one that introduced myself and Dinobot to the Rescue Rangers. It's amazing, the sheer number of ancient cartoons from so long ago that he had packed away in his holocollection. It's amazing that they survived as long as they did, especially the way he keeps his room. In any case, it is my privilege to present the award for Best Online Comic. The nominees are, uh...


::Silverbolt begins tapping furiously at a device on his wrist::


Silverbolt: Ah yes. They are:

<b>Break Up</b>  by PandaFox,
<b>Luigi Meets the Rescue Rangers</b>  by 8-Bit Star, and
<b>Strange Day at the Beach</b>  by Chip 'n Death.

Silverbolt (muttering to himelf): That's a rather ominous name...(to the audience) Anyway, the winner of "Best Online Comic" is...a tie, between 8-Bit Star and Chip ‘n Death! I know Chip ‘n Death isn’t here, but lemme say that I just love his stuff! But 8-Bit is here, and he’s got a special something for us on the big screen. For you Internet viewers, <a href=http://www.freewebs.com/nes_star/Accept2.html> click here</a> to see it!


::Silverbolt waits while the audience views the acceptance. They applaud, then the Transformer takes off waves and flies upward out of sight. Dale meanwhile is offstage, arguing with Chip::


Dale: Well, if they’re so *bad*, why are we having an *award* for them, huh?


::Dale blows Chip a raspberry, and the fedora-clad chipmunk chases his red-nosed counterpart all across the backstage area::