::Onto the stage comes a young girl in a prison outfit, her hair in curls. It’s Buffy Ratskiwatski, who gave Chip ‘n Dale such a harrowing time in “Out of Scale”. Despite the prison guards escorting her, she seems in a delightful mood::


Buffy: Hello there, everyone. I’ve learned my little lesson and the big men here say I’ll be getting out *very* soon…


::She aims a grin at Chip and Dale, who gulp reflexively::


Buffy: I was glad to come tonight to award the Acorn for Best Rangerphile-Created Game Software. After all, I know how to appreciate a good game! Especially, the extra-special ones…


::Chip and Dale gulp again::


Buffy: But I’ve learned to play nice, unlike daddy. He’s gonna be in the clinker for a looooooong time! Bad daddy!


::Buffy sticks her tongue out toward the camera, and somewhere in a nearby prison loud and angry shouting is heard::


Buffy: Okay, let’s see who we have here. Maybe one game has those two cute squirrels in it…


Chip and Dale: CHIPMUNKS!!!!!!!


Best Rangerphile-Created Game Software


CDRR Slide Puzzle, by Pigmhall

Gadget and Gold, by Pigmhall

Rescue Ranger Adventure, by Jeff Parkes

Resque Rangers, by Pigmhall

Starcraft Addons, by Shredder


Buffy: I’ll have to play them all when I get out. And now, the winner…a tie between Rescue Ranger Adventure and Starcraft Add-ons!


::Buffy receives a note::


Buffy: Aw, looks like neither of them’s here. Shredder’s stuck in an airport with lots of snow, and Jeff’s in Spain on that two-year mission for the Mormons. Shredder phoned and said that he really appreciates his award, and enjoyed making the add-ons. I’m sure when Jeff gets back, he’ll be glad too. Maybe I’ll write him from prison and tell him he’s won.


::Buffy takes the award, which is promptly commandeered by the guards and given over to Indy. Buffy heads off stage::