Dr. Batorious: And here to present the award for Best Rangerphile-Created Non-Game Software is…wait, that can’t be right.


Unseen Person: Oh, but I assure you it is!


::At the podium, a spectral figure appears. It is Sir Colby, the ancestor of Monty’s who was freed from his curse in “Ghost of a Chance”. The mouse is dressed in his ornamental musketeer outfit, as he was in the episode::


Sir Colby: Greetings from the afterlife! It can get rather dull at times, particularly in my family. All they do is recite all the adventures they’ve been on and talk about the desire to eat cheese again…


::Monty blushes in his seat, and Dale points and laughs at him::


Sir Colby: I have returned to give my thanks to the Rangers and to present this night’s award for Best Non-Game Software. Not that I have an inkling of what that might be. However, let us press on. The nominees are:


Best Rangerphile-Created Non-Game Software


Foxy KiSS, by Chip 'n Death, et al

Gadget KiSS, by Candy Courtnier

Gadget Screen Saver, by Pigmhall

RR Icons, by Disney Co. & Several Rangerphiles

The RR DeCoder, by Mr. Pi


Sir Colby: And the winner is…oh dear. Can I get someone corporeal up here?


::Monty volunteers, opening the envelope and holding it up for Sir Colby to read::


Sir Colby: It’s Foxy KISS!


::Foxy flies up from the audience and, in accordance with the award, tries to kiss Sir Colby. It was fruitless of course, but you can’t knock her for trying::


Foxy: Oh, what an honor! I know Chip ‘n Death wanted to be here tonight but he couldn’t so I’m accepting this award for him. I just loooove the way he draws me. It’s so CUTE!


Dale: Not to mention sexy as—


::Chip slaps his hand over Dale’s mouth, and Foxy giggles::


Foxy: Oh, Dale! But I know that Chip ‘n Death really appreciates this honor. Thank you all!


::Foxy flies off, and the crowd applauds wildly. Sir Colby doffs his hat and disappears::