::Meanwhile, backstage, two men are seen arguing quietly as the US Awards are about to commence::


Indy: Come on, why wonít you wear it?


Rennod: Because itís not <I>me</I>, thatís why! I refuse to be strangled by that collar!


Indy: Come on, you wore those jeans and that jacket all through the International awards. Havenít you made your statement?


Rennod: Itís ongoing...that statement is, ďIím me.Ē


Indy: But Rennnnooooddd.....


Rennod: Iím sorry, Indy, but no...


::As they argue, a short, shadowy figure reaches out and plucks a copy of the ceremony program from Indyís back pocket, then steals away deeper into the hidden recesses of the backstage areas::


Nimnul: Hmmm...letís see....this is the US awards...there it is...ďOutstanding Achievement.Ē Great! Iíll just...hey, wait a minute...whatís this? The ďLifetime Achievement Award?Ē An Achievement of a Lifetime? Thatís even better! After all, who has achieved more in their lifetime than me? All my inventions, my brilliant schemes? And to think I made <I>vermin</I> famous! Now <I>thereís</I> an achievement! How can they dare to laugh at me when Iíve gotten an award for the all the achievements in my lifetime? They <I>canít!</I> and they <I>wonít!</I> So thatís exactly what Iíll do!


::With that, a stream of evil, maniacal laughter begins drifting around. A stagehands hears it and shakes his head::


Stagehand: (to himself) I thought they put a stop to all those villains practicing their evil laughs backstage here...


::As the curtain rises to start the second half of the program, the mysterious (or is that annoying?) scaly cloaked figure finds he is going up with it, unnoticed::


Euripides: See, he's already going up in the world!


Voltaire: Pride goeth before a fall, though.


Sewernose: Mom-myyyyyyyyyyyyy!!


::Far below on the stage, the ceremony begins again::