::Returning to the podium, the jaguar speaks again::


J.A.M.: In this final category of the website awards, we combine the previous two awards: best content, and best maintainer.


::The screen read, WEB SITE AWARDS: BEST WEB SITE.


J.A.M.: It takes a lot of effort to pull together the best of the submissions *and* manage the site through thick and thin, *besides* giving the content presentation, easy link flow, legibility, surfer-friendliness, and audience interaction. Therefore, the nominees for Best Web Site are:

::The audience tenses as the screen shows the nominees::

 J.A.M.: 'Indy's Ranger Museum', by Steven 'Indy' Hamrick.



J.A.M.: 'Foxglove Feature', by Jaleel Beck.


::More cheering::

J.A.M.: 'Julie's Ranger Rama', by Julie Bihn.


::More cheering::

J.A.M.: 'Russian CDRR Portal', by Ruslan Matvienko.


::More cheering::

J.A.M.:  'The Acorn Café', by Steven 'Indy' Hamrick, Julie Bihn, and Steve C.


::Here, the audience cheers VERY loudly::

 J.A.M.: And who could forget, 'The RR Database', by Matt Plotecher.


::Not as loud cheering, but loud nonetheless::

 J.A.M.: And the winner is…


::The jaguar tears open his final envelope, reads it, closes it again, sighs, adjusts his microphone, and then roars like never before::



::Jaleel stands up, obviously shocked. The crowd stands and cheers him, and Foxy comes over and kisses him on the cheek. Jaleel walks up to the stage to the tune of “We Are the Champions”. Even with the jaguar up there, it takes a minute to restore order. Jaleel takes hold of his award::


Jaleel: Hearing that the Feature won an award for Best Website is rather humbling. I heartily thank everyone who nominated for it, because all the credit goes to those who made the Feature what it is. This award goes to each of the artists, authors, programmers, donators, and the visitors who helped put Foxglove on the map.


::The crowd stands and cheers again, and the J.A.M. encourages Jaleel to say more but the modest fellow refuses and instead waves to the audience and walks off with his trophy. The jaguar pads up to the microphone::


J.A.M.: And that's all from me tonight. Take it away, Indy!!!


::The jaguar takes on a very serious look, lowering his voice::


J.A.M.: Until next time, remember, I AM THE J.A.M.!! Good evening, everyone!!


::A puff of smoke [WARP!!!], and the jaguar was gone from sight::