::Once McDugell leaves the stage, the jaguar returns to the podium and waits for the audience to calm down (or possibly uncalm) again. Then he continues::

J.A.M.: Of course, even the best content doesn't have that much meaning if the maintainer doesn't give feedback, or if he/she/it simply handles it in the dark, though the site may be available for everyone to see.




J.A.M.: Tonight we'll honor those maintainers who have kept in close touch with their visitors, who have accepted suggestions and implemented them in their sites, and who manage their sites through faulty/vanishing servers, blackouts, and lulls, without missing a beat in their updates. The nominees for Best Web Site Maintainer are:


::The screen shows the nominees again::

J.A.M.: Jaleel Beck, for 'Foxglove Feature'.



J.A.M.: Steven 'Indy' Hamrick, for 'The Acorn Café' and 'Indy's Ranger Museum'.

::Louder cheering::

J.A.M.: Karen 'Kat' Mollet, for 'Tales From the Messageboards'.


::Louder cheering::

J.A.M.: Ray Jones, for 'joneScientific'.


::Even more cheering::

J.A.M.: 'RR Database', by Matt Plotecher.


::Still more cheering::

J.A.M.: And Ruslan Matvienko, for 'The Russian CDRR Portal' and 'The Russian CDRR


::Cheering from the international section::


::The jaguar slashes open the envelope again::


J.A.M.: And the winner is…


::He reads the envelope, and roars::




::The “Raiders” march sounds as Indy walks up on stage, escorted by the jaguar, and comes to the podium::

Indy: Websites are the lifeblood of the community, so I’m more than pleased to receive this award. I started the Ranger Museum with the idea of having a place for every Rangerphile, young and old, to be able to see what Rangerphilia is all about. For that honor, I thank you deeply. However, part of this award is for the Café, so I can’t take full credit for that. Natasha Kashefipour has to be credited with starting the Café. Julie Bihn has been there from the beginning, ever-willing to help. And with Stephen Clouse, there would be no Acorn Café. Let’s hear it for them, folks!


::The spotlight switches to Julie and Stephen, and the crowd applauds wildly as they stand up and wave. Indy waves for them to come up and speak, and they do so::


Julie: It's an honor being one of the maintainers of the Acorn Cafe. Thanks, Indy, for including me. All I did was step in when I was needed, but I still appreciate it. I just want to say a quick thank you to all the early members of the Rangerphile community—I remember those days so well!—and to anyone who's ever contributed to the Cafe or the fan community in anyway. If it weren't for the patrons of the Cafe, there'd be nothing to maintain. Thank you!


Stephen C: And they said you couldn't be recognized for doing nothing.  This stuff practically runs itself! Which is good, because when you're messing with servers, it's hard to focus on global domina...err, deep-space radio telemetry. Yes, that's my day job. Really.


::The crowd applauds as the spotlight shifts from Stephen C., who is now busily talking on his cell phone, muttering something about “more respect in the House of Lords for dictators”. Indy leaves the stage, along with Julie and Stephen C. The J.A.M. applauds then prepares for the next category::