::From stage left come two uniformed police officers, one heavy-set African American with a mustache, and the other slightly built with red hair and his police cap hiding his eyes. Several of the audienceís more disreputable characters check to see where the nearest exit is, but in this case their concerns are ill-founded, for itís Kirby and Muldoon, here to present the next award::


Kirby: The award for Best Web Site Layout awards the person whose web site shows a combination of organization, thoughtfulness and creativity that makes it a favored place in the ether to stop and spend some time.


Muldoon: Itís easy to navigate, attractive to the eye, and has lots to see and do. And of course the maintainer hasnít committed any major felonies!


::Muldoon waits, but gets no punch out of his little joke so he continues::


Muldoon: Anyway, the nominees for Best Web Site Layout are:


The Foxglove Feature, by Jaleel

Indy's Ranger Museum, by Indy

The RR Database, by Matt Plotecher

The Russian CDRR Project, by Ruslan et al


Kirby: The envelope, pleaseÖI always wanted to say that!


::A stagehand brings out the envelope, and Kirby uses his official police issue penknife to open it::


Kirby: And our winner is The Foxglove Feature!


::The audience applauds as Jaleel comes up on stage::


Jaleel: Donít shoot, Iím innocent!


::The audience laughs, and he takes the podium::


Jaleel: Dang! ^_^I really don't deserve these awards. The present design of the Feature came from listening to suggestions from those who visited the site over the past few years. Not everything is perfect, and I'm trying to make strides towards a better site. But it's great to know that its current design makes getting around this rather huge site easy to do. Thank you again!


::The audience shouts its approval, particularly Foxglove and Man-Child, and Jaleel leaves along with the officers::