::As the trailer plays, from under the stage comes the muffled voices again::


Voltaire: So, you think you've got it now, do you?


Euripides (snickering): I'm sure it's a fine plan.


Sewernose: It can't miss! I'll pop up through the trapdoor, and surprise everyone with my appearance, then dazzle them with my performance!


Voltaire: Either that or look really foolish...


Euripides: Ah, my money's on that one, too.


Sewernose: Doubters! <I><U>Critics!</U></I> Watch and learn!


Announcer:  And that concludes the International Awards portion of our Program. We'll now take a short break while preparing for the remainder of the ceremony.


::As the audience leaves to go mingle and indulge in the buffet, bar, and breakfast (for those who flew in from abroad for the occasion,) a mysterious cloaked figure bounds up through the trapdoor behind the podium. The stage curtain, on the other hand, bounds downwards to the stage. The meeting was very brief and one-sided::


Sewernose: Ack! What has happened?


::All that is visible from under the curtain are the heads of Euripides and Voltaire, and the end of Sewernose’s snout::


Euripides: Well, we watched and learned.


Voltaire: I watched a curtain fall down on us.


Euripides: And I learned it's very heavy and immobilizing.


Sewernose: This is not the curtain call I expected!


Voltaire: It's the one I expected you to get.


Euripides: At least he's on the stage now...sort of…