::The orchestra plays “Luck Be a Lady Tonight” and a bespectacled human of slight built comes out with red hair and a red moustache. It’s Clyde Cosgrove, the inventor of the Meal-O-Matic who had lost his confidence until Gadget helped him regain it. He starts counting the square tiles making up the stage floor until he gets to the thirteenth one and jumps it, causing the audience to laugh::


Clyde: Just playing it safe…


::The audience laughs again, and Clyde approaches the podium::


Clyde: Hello, everyone! I’ve not let luck run my life the way I did since I met the Rangers, and I’ve had quite a few successes. For instance…


::Clyde pulls out what looks like an ordinary fountain pen. He clicks the end of it, and it telescopes out then widens to show that it’s actually a portable light-up screen::


Clyde: My latest invention, the porta-screen!


::The audience applauds and as Clyde speaks out the names of the nominees, they light up on his screen::


Clyde: The nominees for Outstanding Achievement are:



Chris "Dale" Birkett





::The short hooded man’s attention is captured in an instant as he fumes in hiding backstage::


NINMUL: Outstanding achievement?! <I>What</I> outstanding achievement? Who else has more outstanding achievements than <I>me</I>?? Oooh! <B><I><U>I</U></I></B> should be getting an award like that!


::And once again the short little figure thinks and ponders the matter. Then the light of inspiration comes over him::


Nimnul: Yes, that’s it exactly...


::He rubs his hands together as his eyes narrow in an evil scheming grimace of glee::




Clyde: Now, to see who won…


::Clyde opens the envelope::


Clyde: By Edison, it’s Ruslan!


::The audience stands and applauds as Gadget comes out to accept the award::


Gadget: Golly, I thought the J.A.M. should’ve gotten it just for not getting hoarse!


::The jaguar laughs and waves, and the audience laughs too::


Gadget: Anyway, Ruslan sends his best to everyone and he says they’ve managed to rent a snowplow to get back to their homes from the airport. Jeepers, that’s a great idea—the Ranger SnowPlow! Maybe I could put ejection seats in it and—


::Indy catches Gadget’s attention from offstage and gets her back on track::


Gadget: Oh, right. Anyway, Ruslan says that he’s very humbled by this award and that it makes all the effort he’s gone to worthwhile. Thanks, everyone!


::Gadget takes the trophy off with her, and Indy and Rennod return to the podium::


Indy: That’s it for the International segment, folks. The U.S. portion starts up in a few hours.


Rennod: Do you think it’ll be as one-sided?


Indy: With all the competition there, not likely.


Dr. Batorious (announcing): Please remember to take all valuables with you. If you are staying for the U.S. and Special Awards, the city tours will begin in fifteen minutes. Outbound people and animals will find courtesy cabs waiting for them to take them to the airport. Now we leave you with a trailer for an all-new story by Rennod—Internet users may join in by <a href=http://www.rrstuff.net/~rennod/RenTrail.html> clicking here </a>. Good afternoon, and we look forward to seeing you back for the United States Awards at seven central. You’ll find those awards in a new thread.


::As the trailer rolls, several Rangerphiles watch it from the back of the room, then head for home. Others sit and talk with the Rangers or mix with fanfic characters. The orchestra plays the Ranger theme song::


Katie: And there you have it, folks. The Mexican juggernaut The J.A.M. has swept most of the International categories. Oh, here he comes now!


::The J.A.M. and several of his fanfic characters are hauling his awards out to a U-Haul van that’s been rented for them::


Katie: J.A.M., how does it feel to be so well-appreciated?


::The jaguar smiles toothily::


J.A.M.: Just wonderful, Katie! Hi, everyone at home!


::Katie watches as they start loading up the truck::


Katie: Well, that’s it from here. We’ll rejoin coverage in a few hours. This is Katie Courier, signing off…