::A blast of tiny trumpets gets the audience’s attention. Two lines of drone bees in dress uniforms form a line from the curtain on stage left to the podium. Another blast of the trumpets, and Queen Honey Regina the Third appears, wearing a purple robe and dress, the robe with a white interior making a nice contrast. She also is wearing amber jewelry, and when the audience took a look on the close-up provided by the big screen they all give out remarks of awe and appreciation.


Honey gives her queenly wave and ends her slow procession at the podium. Several of the drones pull the microphone to where they have brought her a portable throne. She sits, never losing her royal aura::


Honey: Greetings to you all! I am so happy to be here with all you lovely people who adore me so!


::The audience claps, amid some giggling::


Honey: The life of a queen as you know is such a bother. We have so many duties to overlook, and the happiness of our swarm. Yet, I knew this evening would be lost without me, so I took time away from my impossible schedule to be here.


::The audience claps again, louder this time, humoring her. Honey raises a hand, and everyone stops::


Honey: Now, it is time to honor the nominees for the award for Best Action Sequence:


Lahwhinie eaten by the crabs, by Rem, from “Lahwhinie Goes Hawaiian”

The "Dogfight", by The J.A.M., from “Death of a Comedian”

“A Fantasy General”, by Aivars Liepa


::One of Honey’s drones brings her the envelope and two others tear it open for her. Aliwicious, her major domo, holds the note up for her to read::


Honey: Well, how about this! The winner is The J.A.M. again, for The “Dogfight” in “Death of a Comedian”!


::The band plays “I Want To Know What Love Is” as all the Rangers and all the bats, as well as Clarice, join The J.A.M. on his way to the stage::



¡¡¡MEXICO!!! ¡¡¡MEXICO!!! ¡¡¡MEXICO!!! ¡¡¡MEXICO!!! ¡¡¡MEXICO!!!


::Of course, they didn’t seem to be as exited as he was, especially since he was still waving his flag. However, he let them speak first::


Dale: Hey, didn’t we already do this?

Chip: We’re in the *International Categories*, dummy! The US ones haven’t come yet! Oh, oops…ignore that everyone.


Foxy: Hey, watch who you’re calling a dummy! He did a great job too in ‘A Fantasy General’!!


Dale: Waitaminit, *International*? Does this have something to do with what we did in Canc


::ALL the Rangers clamp their paws and wings on Dale’s mouth before the innuendo can be finished::


Chip: Nowe, Dayel. Theyes ess ‘cuss Thu J.A.Y.A.M. ain’t en Emmerickenn.


Richard: Well, *you* most certainly sound like one!


J.A.M.: Yes, he does. Here, I’d like to thank Mr. Grissom, AGAIN, for letting me use Otis, and for all the couples I know in real life who provided the inspiration of the bat couples. Also, thanks to Jack Hannah for creating Chip, Dale, and *Clarice*!”


Clarice: Oh, you all love me!!


Rosie: Yes, we love you so much we all cheered when that owl lady pinned your back.


Zipper: Oh? How about when you got lapidated, along with the rest of the bats?


Monty: Hey, action is action, mates!


J.A.M.: Yes, and thanks for all the feedback I got for that segment. With all the emotions it brought forth from the audience, well, I guess we all did very well, don’t you think so?


::The Rangers and bats and Clarice agree. The J.A.M. waves his award and flag::


J.A.M.: Gracias a todos. ¡¡¡MEXICO!!! ¡¡¡MEXICO!!! ¡¡¡MEXICO!!! ¡¡¡MEXICO!!!



::With that, the group clears the stage again. Honey and her escort slowly depart amid the tiny trumpet blasts, Honey giving her queenly wave again::