::Finding a suitable rope that wasn't connected to anything vital, the cloaked figure grabbed it and swung down to the stage, landing right behind the podium. Instantly a trapdoor opened beneath, sending the mysterious figure into the depths below. The audience saw none of this, as the next presenter was entering from the rear of the auditorium. From beneath the floorboards of the stage came muffled voices, completely inaudible beneath the roar of the crowd::


Voltaire: Oh, sure, this was a fine plan!


Euripides: Must be a tough room.


Sewernose: I think I sprained something...




::There it was. The exit, his salvation, not ten feet away and all he had to do was to make it through the milling crowd of Rangerphiles, fanfic characters, and poultry::


He: I should be able to knock most of them down if they get in my way.


::He prepared for the short sprint to safety. However, just as he was pushing off of the back wall in order to gain extra speed, a small, yet strong hand gripped him by the shoulder. He yelled in fright as the hand proceeded to haul him around to face…. Tammy?::


Tammy: Hi, SomeGhol!


::The twentyish Rangerphile immediately goes into panic::


SomeGhol: What are you doing?


::Tammy grins, holding up a sprig of mistletoe, and plants a big kiss on the startled writer before he can even think of a plan to evade her. Tammy quickly breaks off, drops SomeGhol to the ground, and spirits off into the crowd to find her next victim::