::Another spaceship comes onto the stage, and this time Dale climbs out. Only it’s not Dale—the chipmunk changes form and turns into DTZ, the alien shapeshifter who pretended to be Dale in “Dale Beside Himself”. The yellow-colored alien turns the bottom of his body into a spring and bounces over to the podium::


DTZ: Greetings from the planet Fleeblebrox!


::The audience claps and responds in kind::


DTZ: I told Brik and Brak that Earth was a much more interesting place, but they still won’t listen. They’re off buying groceries on Umchuk Five. But while they’re busy, I’ll announce the nominees for Best Plot Twist.


::DTZ starts reading off the list, taking the shape of the author as he does::


The result of the C+G marriage, by Roman Bulygin (translated by Aivars Liepa,) from Chip + Gadget = Yes


DTZ: Another one-nominee category. Well, it makes the voting easier! I’d say the winner’s Roman, but we’d better make sure…


::DTZ opens the envelope::


DTZ: Yep, it’s yours, Roman!


::DTZ transforms himself to appear as Roman::


DTZ: He says thanks a bunch for the award—he’s snowed in like the rest of them at the airport. Too bad you people haven’t invented matter-energy transport yet. Good night, everyone! Oh, and keep your sets tuned on January 3rd—you never know!


::DTZ takes the trophy and transforms back to his old self, bounding off the stage::