::In a flash of green brilliance, a leprechaun appears on top of the podium. It’s Darby Spree, king of the leprechauns, from “The Last Leprechaun”::


Darby: Sure, and it’s a fine pleasure to be here! As the folk in me country say, ‘a spring rain by the River Shannon doesn’t come close to your smiling faces’. Now, I be here to award the Best Poet among the lot of glorious writers that the International team has. So, let’s us see who we have…


Johan Rhen


::Darby checks the list again, then flips the page over::


Darby: Faith and fortune! Now I know right well there’s other poets than Johan. Well, he’s a fine lad, still, and worthy of the honor. Guess you nominators out there will have to be more up to the task next time! But for now, let’s give a grand hand for Johan Rhen!


::Chip and Dale return to the podium, and Dale waves a greeting::


Dale: Hi there, audience!


::After a quick glance at Dale, Chip takes up the thread::


Chip: Johan Rhen asked the two of us to accept the award for Best International Poet for him.


Dale: Besides, he's too embarrassed about winning it by default to show up.


::Chip smiles lightly::


Chip: Given that kind of competition, even Dale's ‘Spiffo and the X-men from Mars’ fanfic would stand a chance.


Dale: Yeah…hey!


Chip: Just keep to the script, Dale.


Dale: And now, to round this speech off and at the same time try to prove that there's at least some relevance to this award...


::Chip grins again::


Chip: Or at least having a nice time torturing the audience while trying to prove that…


::Dale brings out a piece of paper::


Dale:...here's a hastily put together thank-you poem from Rhen.


::Chip takes a quick glance at his script::


Chip: Eh, Dale. It says 'tanka poem', not 'thank-you'.


::Dale looks closely at the wording on the script::


Dale: Oh. What's a tanka poem?


Chip: It's like a Japanese haiku poem, just a little longer.


 ::Dale looks at him with an unspoken question clearly readable in his face::


Chip: Yes, I looked it up. Now, go on."


Dale: Okay, so here's a short TANKA thank-you poem then.


::He turns to Chip who sighs, but refrains from making any more comments::


An inventive mouse

gives great inspiration

for writers, artists, poets

the enjoyment of others

is the greatest reward"


::The two chipmunks bow to the audience before leaving the stage. Darby does an Irish jig and vanishes in a flash of light::