::A human dressed as a heroic pirate walks out on stage. It’s Clarence Dudley, the actor from “Pirates of Peejama” who appeared in the episode “A Case of Stage Blight”::


Clarence: Hey, hey, hey! I’ve come to save the day!


::The audience cheers at his opening, and Clarence flashes a big smile as he heads for the podium. Somewhere in the rafters, someone boos, but it’s drowned out by the many cheers::


Clarence: Hello, one and all! It’s grand to be back in this theater where I regaled so many adoring fans. Now I’m here to do honor so the Best Song Parody written this year. So, let’s see who our nominees are…


“Sweet Gadget”, by Johan Rhen

“The Best of One Old Show”, by Johan Rhen


Clarence: Well, I think we know who’s going to win, but for which one?


::Clarence opens the envelope::


Clarence: The Best of One Old Show! Come on up here, Johan!


::Chip and Dale once again enter the stage, this time together. This time Chip is the first to speak::


Chip: Originally, we were supposed to read a short acceptance speech here, but due to an unfortunate accident involving a bottle of Coo-Coo-Cola, a jar of peanut butter, an electrical fan, and a chipmunk, we no longer have a script!


::The audience laughs as Chip glances at Dale, who tries his best to look very innocent::


Chip: Therefore, we will keep this very brief.


::Chip pokes his elbow in the side of a very distracted Dale::


Dale: Oh. What? Uh, we are all...I mean, the Johan’s very thoughtful - I mean thankful - to all of you for giving him this amazing award. ‘The Best of One Old Show’ was the first RR song parody he ever wrote and a personal favorite, so it's very pleasing that it became the winner. Thank you!


::The two chipmunks disembark the stage, the audience laughing again as Chip berates Dale about the ruined acceptance letter::