::The lights dim as Dr. Batorious speaks again::


Dr. Batorious (announcing): For your viewing pleasure, we have a little movie trailer from Loki’s latest story-in-progress. For those of you on the Internet, you can view along with us by <a href=http://www.rrstuff.net/~rennod/LokiTrail.html> clicking here</a>.


::While the audience watches the trailer, the mysterious cloaked figure makes his way along the rigging catwalk above the stage::


Sewernose: Ah, the stage below. I cannot wait to tread the boards and upstage all these silly would-be stars!


::Two small cloaks appear out from under his larger one::


Voltaire: But up here, only the birds will see your performance!


Euripides: Well, it's for the birds anyway, that's for sure! He never thinks these things through, you know.


::Sewernose bring the dolls on his hands around to face him::


Sewernose: I heard that! I'll show you two! I'll show you all!


Euripides: Great, so show us already! I'm getting tired of this silly cloak. It's giving me a rash!


Voltaire: At least he washed yours…


Sewernose: Quiet! I must think. I must prepare for the grand entrance of my great comeback!


Voltaire: Then we had better order some takeout. This could take a while.


Euripides: I know this little place a few blocks down—


Sewernose: <b>I said quiet!</b>


::The argument continues as the presentations do, too::