::A nightingale begins to sing, and the bird flies onto the stage accompanied by a human in Oriental garb. It is Chirp-Sing and the emperor Dim-Sun. Dim-Sun walks behind the podium and Chirp-Sing lands on top of it::


Chirp-Sing: We are extremely honored to be your presenters tonight for one of the awards in this honorable ceremony.


Dim-Sun: Yes! We were glad to come here and be part of this, though I still miss my sister, even if she was evil and deceptive.


::Chirp-Sing lights on Dim-Sun’s shoulder and pats him comfortingly::


Chirp-Sing: It is our noble privilege to present the nominees for Best Artwork:


findyou-bw_rm.gif, by Ruslan Matvienko, found at Internet Gadget Archive

gadfavanimeB.jpg, by Nathan aka "Teargas"

Gadget Armygirl, by Murad Ismailov

Illustration to “Winner of Princesses”, by Nort

“It's My Life” music video, by Koyot

simple_rm.jpg, by Ruslan Matvienko, found at Internet Gadget Archive


::Dim-Sun tears open the envelope and Chirp-Sing bends his neck to see who won::


Chirp-Sing: The best artwork is by Koyot, for the “It’s My Life” music video!


::The crowd applauds and Dim Sun takes out a piece of paper::


Dim Sun: Koyot most humbly regrets not being here tonight, but he sends holiday greetings from the airport and wishes everyone well. He is most humbly thankful for this high award, and the honor bestowed him.


::The crowd applauds, and Dim Sun bows and leaves the stage. The announcer comes on over the P.A. system::


Dr. Batorious: It’s time for a break—when the Golden Acorn Awards returns, we’ll have the awards for the written categories in the International awards, including Best Original Male and Female Characters! Stay tuned…