Dr. Batorious (announcing): And to present the award for Best Artist, we have Steggy, the intelligent miniature dinosaur from “Prehysterical Pet”!


::Steggy flies onto the stage in his egg-shaped ship and lands ride beside the podium. A hatch opens on the side of the egg ship and Steggy jumps out and waves, to the applause of the audience. Then one of then runs onto the stage with him::


Mr. Dumpty: That ship! I MUST HAVE THAT SHIP! It is so egg-squisite!


::Guards rush up on the stage and haul Mr. Dumpty off, and Steggy goes to the podium::


Steggy: I really want to thank you all for inviting me to come here tonight. It’s a long way from my planet, but when I heard that I’d get to see my friends the Rescue Rangers plus their fans I couldn’t stay away! We have nothing like this award ceremony on my planet—all we give to deserving people are big stone plaques with their names carved on them. And most folks don’t want them, because they weigh a ton—literally.


::Steggy chuckles a bit with audience, then continues::


Steggy: So, tonight I present you the nominees for Best Artist. We have lots of great artists on our world. Of course, mainly they like to paint food because it’s what we think about most. The nominees are:



Ilya Pestov

Loki (Gloohov)

Murad Ismailov

Nathan aka "Teargas"



Ruslan Matvienko



::Steggy opens the envelope::


Steggy: We’ve got a three-way tie! Your winners for Best Artist are Loki Gloohov, Murad Ismailov, and Ruslan Matvienko!


::The three trophies are brought out and Steggy pulls out a piece of paper::


Steggy: The guys were all really happy to win this award. They said it made up for the terrible commissary food at the airport—what’s a commissary…oh well. They said that sharing the award shows the high regard with which all the Rangerphiles hold the Russian artists, and they were all pleased to be best artist.


::Steggy gets in his ship and flies off, as one of the stagehands takes the trophies off to be shipped to the respective winners::