::A young red-haired teenage squirrel walks out on stage, wearing a sparkling blue dress that matches her eyes. Some of the young men whistle at her and she stops and waves back, grinning, then remembers that she’s supposed to be giving out an award and starts to run but trips. However, she recovers before falling on her face and with a blush heads over to the podium. Yes, it’s Tammy from “Adventures in Squirrelsitting”::


Tammy: Hi there! Oh, I’m so happy to get to be in on this award stuff! Hiya, Chipper!


::Tammy waves and winks to Chip in the audience, who blushes. Dale pokes Chip in the ribs, and Chip takes off his hat and starts whacking the laughing munk next to him with it while Gadget laughs on Chip’s other side::


Tammy: Okay, the award for Best Colored Image (Flat) is next. I love pictures! I’ve got dozen of pictures of Chipper posted all around my room! Doesn’t he have the cutest nose?


::Chip sinks a little lower into his chair amid the chuckles, and from offstage Indy reminds Tammy of what she’s supposed to be doing::

Tammy: All right, here’s the nominees:


Gadget Armygirl, by Murad Ismailov

Gadget_New_Millenium, by Alexey Kobyshev

Illustration to Winner of Princesses, by Nort

Sunrise, by Ilya Pestov


Tammy: I wish Gadget <I>would</I> go into the army, then Chipper would be…oh, sorry. Uh, let’s see who won!


::Tammy rips open the envelope::


Tammy: And the winner is Alexey Kobyshev, for Gadget_New_Millennium!


::The crowd applauds, then Tammy pulls out a piece of paper::


Tammy: Alexey said that the phone charges at the airport are criminal…oh, and he said he’s grateful for the award. He thought that Murad or Nort would’ve won it for sure. He says thanks to everyone who voted for him, and hopes the ceremony’s fun!


::Tammy blows kisses to the crowd and heads off with the trophy::