::As the orchestra plays “Hello Dolly”, Canina La Fur, star of stage, screen and an occasional dog food commercial, trots onto the stage, escorted by Monterey Jack. She’s dressed in her pink outfit that she wore in the episodes “A Chorus Crime” and “They Shoot Dogs, Don’t They?” She blows kisses to the crowd, then heads to the podium::


Canina: Oh, thank you, thank you! It’s so good to see all your charming faces again. Isn’t that right, Montgomery?


Monty: Monterey…


Canina: Right. I just got through filming my new movie, “Die Another Dog Day”, with Pierce Boxernan. Oh, what a charmer that canine is! Why when I got there, he—


Monty: Lass, don’t ya think you should get on with the presenting…


Canina: Of course, Mortimer.


Monty: Monterey!


Canina: Right. Now, I’m here to present the award for Best Colored Image (Rendered). Oh, thank heavens for color! I remember when I did “Casabarka”, way back in…well, nevermind how long ago.


Monty: Oh, that’s one of my favorites! That takes me back years, and years, and years…


Canina: How sweet…


Monty And years…


Canina: Nice of you to…


Monty: And YEARS…


Canina: Let’s get on with the presentation, Morgan!


::Monty smiles and winks to the audience::


Canina: Okay, the nominees for this prestigious award are:


Alone, by Ilya Pestov

Comic, by Ilya Pestov

Foxydale, by TOZ

Gadget_New_Millenium, by Alexey Kobyshev


Canina: Now, let’s see who won…oh, heavens! It’s TOZ, for Foxydale! Isn’t that wonderful?


::This time, it’s Dale who comes out::

Dale: Getting the idea that the snow pretty much ground ‘em all, folks? Gadget said the line at the airport telephone was as long as Nimnul’s rep sheet!


::The audience nods and chuckles, then Dale continues, opening a piece of paper::


Dale: Well, TOZ says that he’s really glad that Foxydale was chosen. It’s one of his favorites and to be chosen over such worthy competition makes it all the sweeter. Speaking of sweeter, anyone know where the dessert line is at the buffet?


::Chip does a dope slap in the audience as one of the stagehands comes up and tells Dale::


Dale: Oh, thanks! I’ll keep your award safe, TOZ, but uh, it might be a little sticky…


::The crowd applauds and Dale heads off for the buffet::