::Onto the stage walks a casually-dressed human, wearing a fedora and a gun. Nope, it’s not Indy—it’s Detective Drake, the police detective from “To the Rescue”. The veteran gumshoe takes the podium::


Drake: Hey, folks. I decided to beat it up here and do a stint on-stage. Me and Plato are doing fine. In fact, I think he’s going to be presenting in a little while here. Best Black and White Line Art, huh? I know they were giggling back there for some reason. For you international folks, a police car’s known as a “black and white” in America. Okay, let’s see what we got here…


::Drake puts on a pair of spectacles, a bit embarrassed at the necessity::


Drake: The nominees for the Best Line Art award are:


The Cover to "The Rustles in Darkness", by Loki (Gloohov)

"Hello, Chipper!", by Loki, found at Illustration to part three of "Excursion with Gadget"

Night Gadget Illustration, by Loki, found at Illustration to part three of "Excursion with Gadget"


Drake: Now, let’s see who gets the golden acorn here…oh, it’s Loki, for "Hello, Chipper!"! Come on up, pal!


::Instead of Loki, it’s Monty who comes up::


Monty: Loki’s right sorry he couldn’t make this ‘ere shindig, but the bloke telephoned from the airport and said that receiving all the nominations was a mighty big honor in itself. He says thanks to everyone who voted and he hopes all the Russian members win something. Thanks!


::The crowd applauds and Monty takes the trophy off with him. Detective Drake waves and walks off behind him::