::From behind the curtain, the audience can hear someone muttering, trying desperately to get through. Finally, the person gives up and lifts the bottom of the curtain. It’s Shaka-Baka, the rather dull-witted but loveable surfer bum from “Gadget Goes Hawaiian”. He walks to the podium and just stands there for a moment or two::

Indy (from off-stage): Your lines!


Shaka-Baka: Oh yeah. Uh, howdy there, dudes and dudettes! Hey, wild ceremony so far, huh? Well, the Indymeister and the Rennodinator asked me to fly in and present the next gnarly award, which is…uh…


Indy: Best Black and White Grayscale Image!


Shaka-Baka: Uh, right. What he said.


::Some of the audience members laugh, and Lahwhinie can be distinctly heard saying, “He’s a nitwit, but a cute nitwit”::


Shaka-Baka: So anyway, here are the ones up for this bodacious award:


Cage, by Ilya Pestov

gadfavanimeB.jpg, by Nathan aka "Teargas"

Gadget in captivity at Fat Cat, by Loki, found at Illustration to "Small Spring Adventure"


::Shaka-Baka looks back at the list he just read from::

Shaka-Baka: What’s a ‘gadfavanimeB.jpg’, anyhow? Hey, whatever it is, it won! Oops—I mean, the winner is Nathan for his boss pic!


::Nathan comes out, unsure of just what to do. Shaka-Baka pulls him up the podium, gives him a high-five and hands him his award::


Nathan: Thank you kindly, I'm very pleased to accept the award for grayscale image. Grayscale pics make up the majority of my body of work. I've always thought that a sketch can, occasionally, carry a certain "life" that an image that’s been put through the computer-colouring process often lacks. I hope people within, and without, the community enjoy the winning grayscale image, and the other images at my page (http://www.rrstuff.net/~nateartpage).


::With that, Nathan nods and heads off. Shaka-Baka goes off with him, wondering just how long it would take before he could get to the nearest beach::