::From stage left, behind the curtain, comes a rat wearing an artist’s outfit and French beret. It is Ratatouie, the rogue artist in the employ of the Maltese de Sade, from “Le Purrfect Crime”. The rat walks up to the podium, and a stagehand delivers the first award, placing it in front of him::


Ratatouie: Bon soir, mes amis! Tonight, I assume the role of presenter, giving out zee award for Best Illustration. Too bad I was not eligible, or certainly I would have been victorious!


::Ratatouie begins reading the names of the nominees, and their artwork is shown on the big screen over his head::

Ratatouie: The nominees are:


Cage, by Ilya Pestov

Gadget in captivity at Fat Cat’s, by Loki, found as an Illustration to "Small Spring Adventure"

Illustration to “Winner of Princesses”, by Nort

Sunrise, by Ilya Pestov


::Ratatouie receives the winning envelope from the stagehand::

Ratatouie: And now, the winner—sacre bleu! Sunrise, by Ilya Pestov!


::Gadget walks out on stage, to the applause of everyone and some extra shouting from the male portion of the audience::


Gadget: Hi there! Well, Ilya’s not here tonight so I’m accepting this one for him. He said that winning this over guys like Loki and Nort really means a lot, and receiving two nominations showed how popular his works are. Oh, and he said he likes the airport’s food. Thank you all very much!


::Gadget holds up the trophy for the camera, and heads off stage::