::The orchestra plays “Walk Like an Egyptian” and a mummy comes out on stage, bandages and all. It’s Hiram, the mummy with a really bad sleeping disorder from “Throw Mummy From the Train”. The mummy walks (okay, it was a bad pun) and makes it to the podium::


Hiram: Hello, everyone! It wasn’t easy getting here from Inkadinkadoo, but for the Rangers I decided that I could interrupt my eternal rest and present one of the awards for the ceremony. Do you know how embarrassing it is being sent as postal freight?


::The audience laughs as Hiram turns around, showing the postal marks on his bandaged bank, then he turns back around::


Hiram: At least they did send me airmail. Well, enough about that. Here’s tonight’s nominees for Best Non-English Website:


Best Web Site (Non-English)


Aivars Liepa's home page, by Aivars "Artist" Liepa – Latvian

Russian CDRR Portal, by Ruslan – Russian


::Hiram pulls out an ancient flute and begins playing. Mysteriously, a rope floats through the air, with the award envelope tied to the end of it. The rope politely puts the envelope down on the podium, generating reactions of awe and amazement::


Hiram: Hey, when you’ve got a few thousand years to kill on the job, you can learn some pretty nifty things!


::The audience claps and laughs, and Hiram opens the envelope::


Hiram: And the winner is Ruslan, for the Russian CDRR Portal!


::Hiram takes a piece of paper out of the envelope::


Hiram: Oh, that’s right—Ruslan isn’t here tonight. Well, I’ll be glad to drop off this trophy and any others he wins. I have some relatives up his way I’d like to visit before going home. Congratulations, Ruslan!


::Hiram waves to the camera, then the crowd applauds and the mummy takes the trophy and heads off-stage::