::The band starts up the “Coo Coo Cola” theme song and a rat wearing a red tunic with a thimble fez on his head and carrying a staff with a bottle cap on it walks across the stage. The audience shouts, “Come along! You belong! Feel the fizz!” Yes, it’s Pop Top, leader of the now-defunct Cola Cult::


Top Pop: Thank you, you’re too kind! The Cola Cult may be gone, but it’s always nice to belong somewhere. And right here, with all you kind people, I know that I truly belong.


::The crowd applauds in response::


Pop Top: And now, on to the nominees for the Best English-Accessible Website:


Dale's Rescue Ranger Page, by Chris "Dale" Birkett

Disneyania, by Johan Rhen

Nathan's pages, by Nathan aka "Teargas"

Ranger Roadhouse, by CD

Rem's Furry Page, by Rem

Ruslan's CDRR Project Group, by Ruslan

Russian CDRR Portal, by Ruslan

White Mouse Lab, by Murad Ismailov


Pop Top: So many good places for people to belong…and now the winner.


::Pop Top opens the envelope::


Pop Top: Suffering sodas! Four sites are tied for first! Disneyania, by Johan Rhen, Ruslan's CDRR Project Group, by Ruslan, Russian CDRR Portal, by Ruslan, and White Mouse Lab, by Murad Ismailov. It’s a good thing they made up all those extra trophies…


Pop Top: Ruslan and Murad are both snowbound, but I understand they both appreciate this award. Johan’s not with us tonight either, but he did send along this videotaped acceptance…


::The lights dim and in a moment Johan’s face appears on the big screen::


Johan: This award has a special meaning for me, since it is actually the only award I have won in competition. And I didn't even vote for myself on this one! Guess there's at least one person out there who really likes my website!


::The audience laughs accordingly::


Johan: I want to thank you all for your friendliness, but I also find it highly appropriate to give some special thanks to some of the Rangerphiles that are present at this ceremony (or at least I guess they are). So, from the deepest parts of my heart - in other words those normally reserved for Gadget-adoration - huge thanks to Julie, Aivars, CD and Dale (the Chris B. one, not the furry one) for their helpfulness and generosity with different things, knowledge, and time-consuming efforts. Without your help, my website would have been much less interesting.


::The picture on the screen fades as Johan waves, and the crowd applauds::