Week 192 Winner - CrashBurn

  1. CrashBurn - Behind the scenes at Ranger Headquarters: When a Ranger gets sick...

    Monty: I don't want to!!!! Nyah!!!!
    Dale: What's his problem?
    Chip: Gadget's cold medicine.... Bleh!
  2. t.s. - The amazing thing is she doesn't clip her tongue off when she's babbling a lie, then ;-)

    Monty: What do you mean you were kidding about the snowstorm Gadget? I spent over an hour diggiin' this thing outta me closet.
    Chip: I kept trying to tell him, she sticks her tongue out slightly when she's joking.
  3. L. Cranston - This week's winner of the "Careful What You Wish For" award...

    Monty: Oi will now use me supreme powers o' concentration ta cloud 'munks minds so they cannnot see me. They'll speak their minds truely unaware of me presence.
    Chip: Hey Dale, don't you think Monty should have been a dancer in Wierd Al Yankovic's "Fat" video?
  4. bock's car - This week's winner of the "Rimshot!" award...

    Monty: I need a break. With Chip actin' like Dale, I can't take it any more. I'll be in Finland if ya need me.
    Dale: Where's Finland?
    Chip: Duh! It's where they keep all the 5$ bills.
  5. mcleland - Signs the show was over #255: Gadget starts to flirt...

    Chip: Yeah, she kissed me RIGHT HERE.
  6. lane83ky - Did anyone check to see if he got that lamp back again...

    Monty: Maybe if I wish really hard, it'll start snowing cheese!
    Chip: Monty snap! Finally go loco!
  7. Yunkel - Still, there's got be some reason those ears can go through the holes on his hat...

    Monty: I tell you Gadget-love. there is somethin' wrong with Chip's ears. Just compare 'em to Dale's.
    Chip: Poor Monty, this time cheese went up to his head instead his stomach. He's totally loco.
    Dale: No comment.
  8. ModernTimes - Actually that would be about half the episodes ;-)

    Narrator: The Rescue Rangers' latest episode... shown from Dale's perspective.
  9. Midnight Man - The thing you have to remember with Gadget: SPECIFICITY...

    Monty: Gadget luv, I asked ya ta keep me cheese supplies cool, not freeze them! Crikey, it's cold in there...
    Gadget: Golly, Monty, you never said how cool you wanted them.
    Chip: That was a nutty idea from the very beginning.